1_rosin&fireMetal working compounds have long been an industry into which our rosin oils go. Mobile Rosin Oil is one of the last, if not the LAST, producer of “true” rosin oils. These products are manufactured by the destructive distillation of rosin. As the process is completed, a semi-viscous liquid is produced from hard rosin. This resulting rosin oil is 100% rosin based – no fatty acids, solvents, tall oils or any other type of adulterant. This is an important distinction to make when assessing a rosin oil versus some other kind of fatty acid, tall oil, or combination blend.

These types of rosin oils are used as components in metal working, or “drawing compounds”. We do not manufacture these compounds but sell our rosin oils to those who do.

Those who produce metal working compounds have long been large users of rosin oil as a major component. We understand that the lubricating and protective qualities it imparts to the metal as it is stamped and shaped is desirable and superior to other products, which have been tried in the past. These rosin oils are non-hazardous and are environmentally friendly which makes this family of materials more desirable.

Related to metal-working compounds are the production of rosin and rosin oil soaps which are used in various aspects of metal working. Our line or rosin soaps have found extensive use as emulsifiers in soluble oils.

Even though we classify ourselves as a custom manufacturer, we do inventory a variety of base products, which serve the Metal Working Industry. Our base products are:

 Product  Description
 MR-849 (#56 Kidney Rosin Oil) A 50% decarboxylated, true rosin oil. Used in metal working, rubber processing and a significant number of proprietary products and formulations.
MR-109 (H.P. London Rosin Oil) A lighter viscosity version of MR-849
MR-837 A dark, thermally isomerized, non-crystallizing rosin.
Acid number – 120+, Softening Point (Ball & Ring) – 58°C.
MR-1077 A dark, thermally isomerized, non-crystallizing rosin.
Acid number – 130+, Softening Point (Ball & Ring) – 70°C
MR-498 A dark rosin based soap used as a general emulsifier
MR-498H A dark rosin based soap, containing glycol, used as an emulsifier in metal working applications
MR-1108 A pentaerythritol ester of dark rosin blended with naphthenic process oil. Used in metal working applications.

If our base products do not fit your needs, let us work with you to develop a product that will best work for you.  For further information or direct technical assistance regarding our products, please contact Jalandar Y. Jadhav, Ph.D. at